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Burst type 22-IX


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Reporting a promising, experimental, BP compatible burst booster composition, from my experiments. I was playing around with different bursts and decided to try to come up with a nice booster that I could sprinkle inbetween the BP on rice hulls in shells. This about the fourth iteration of the same concept and seems to work great, needs quite the flame to reach ignition temp(= high activation enregy), I sprinkled a tiny bit of meal on top to "prime" it on my burn tests. Burns also very bright and leaves no residue.

The comp:

  • 60 KClO4
  • 10 Lampblack
  • 10 Red gum
  • 10 Charcoal
  • 10 SbS3

Prep method:

  1. Combine in a ziploc bag and dry mix thoroughly by shaking and kneading gently.
  2. Place in a pile on some baking parchment paper
  3. Drip on some alcohol while using a putty knife to mix/knead it. Keep adding small increments of alcohol until consistency is something like peanut butter
  4. Use the putty knife to spread it all over the cooking paper as thin and wide as possible
  5. Let dry, since its thin and has alcohol, will dry quite fast
  6. when completely dry(doesnt crumble anymore, hard sheets) break into flakes of desired size.


I will do some more tests and film the whole making process, burn tests and a shell comparision test, with and without. Also the name is just my new composition naming scheme, with year and month included

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Did you get any fil / video of this?


What was the benefit of this, over say some of the existing burst boosters? (I'm not downing your thought, ideas, or projects, I'm simply curious about anything new and what it's intended purpose is). Thanks.

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