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Praise be for Bentonite Clay


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Ah, bentonite clay we observe thine properties and marvel.


Thy thermal resistance and compression moldability,


Doth bring us to the soaring heights with tails of flame.


Absorption doth make our errors more bearable


For when we spill the grease of cooking upon the floor.



I thought of this after I had fried some okra and like an idiot forgot to turn the handle out of the path of traffic. A little while later, I was going through there carrying my laundry and knocked the frying pan full of grease on the floor. Thankfully I had some of my preferred bentonite clay, i.e. Best Choice kitty litter on hand. If you have an oil or grease spill few things work better for cleaning it up. :P

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Lucky! I have to fight my wife away from the bucket of cat litter in my garage when she runs out of the litter for her cats.... I tell her she can't use THAT litter,it has sensitive explosives in it that when combined with ammonia from cat urine, would instantly propel them to their death..... (She wins everytime, and I have to go buy more cat litter).
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