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Selling all of my Supplies and Equimpent


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post-13167-0-56358900-1657034715_thumb.jpgAfter 20 years of making great firework shows, I am getting out. I am selling all of my supplies and equipment. Over 73 lbs of chemicals (most from skylighter unopened), 3 firing boards (one remote) with a bunch of shooting wire. 3,4,& 5 inch mortar racks with 3 mortars each. One dual tumbler and one single tumbler. A box of 3, 4 & 5 inch plastic and paper shell casings, with a big bag of 1/2 inch to 1 inch tubes). A box of assorted fuse...green visco, pink visco, fast visco and flying fish. I will also include my recipe / project book with over 20 years of making the best shells, including my most favorite, "Spider Web" shell. Plus the best lift powder ever "Pryo Powder". I cannot part this out, must be all or nothing. And of course, must be able to pick up in central Illinois. I am asking $900 for the whole thing but I will accept offers that don't insult our intelligence. The chemicals alone cost of $700 not to mention the shipping cost you will save. For a complete list of chemicals please email me at rransom71@gmail.com.










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Sorry for your departure from pyro, I hope all is well. Any luck selling your items off?


Looks like a significant value of fuse (pretty tough to find @ reasonable prices now), and a good deal of chemicals.



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