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newbie of the newbs question but going slightly nuts/...please...please help!

smoke grenade igniters

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#1 villianNJ


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Posted 02 May 2021 - 06:25 PM

Hey guys,



So, I found this board a month ago and I am not going to lie--it has been one of the best finds online that I have had in a long time.


That said, I openly admit to being a complete newb (though one who can make a pretty broad assortment of different smoke grenade recipes now, following finding this site).


As to the igniter, I have been driving myself nuts. Since the training fuzes are no longer legal, many seem to use primers in a drilled out grenade igniter's top. The downside for that is a relatively loud bang upon release of lever--something that I am trying to avoid.


I then moved to trying a magnesium striker (failed) and a few other really sad approaches. I ultimately landed on self-strike matches encased with a striker that *maybe* 3 out of 5 times will ignite the fuze.


After looking for a long time, I finally found a video of someone showing a mechanical igniter, though his accent prevents understanding the full part list.


Can someone please provide me with ANY way that I will be able to ignite my fuzes for my smoke grenades without a resulting loud report? I would forever be indebted and promise to pay it forward with my knowledge learned!

#2 SeaMonkey



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Posted 02 May 2021 - 07:27 PM

A Duck Duck Go search brings up many videos.


Happy hunting!  You'll find something there which should work well.

#3 SharkWhisperer



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Posted 04 May 2021 - 01:03 PM

There are several approaches to friction ignition that don't require a percussion/primer cap with its noise. Many you'll find online are rudimentary modifications of the old string attached to matchheads and pulled past a striker strip. Still, you can make these with a little thought to perform well and to be reasonably well protected from accidental ignition, physical damage, or functional loss over time in storage due to comp degradation from atmospheric water exposure.


Other ignition mixes are a little more technical, with different sensitivities, hazards, and storage requirements. Some of the less reliable designs involve separating the tips from rest of the ignition mix on strike-anywhere matches, which are becoming more difficult to source and are being phased out--they ship Hazmat; some of my local Ace Hardware stores still stock them for $1.59/box of 300. You'll see them being sold for ridiculous prices on Ebay these days.


As a newbie, please be particularly careful when working with purposefully friction-sensitive comps, to avoid any unpleasant energetic surprises. Suggest working with limited quantities at any given time and keeping the work area clear of any other flammables that are not in immediate use. And the eyes. Always protect the eyes...

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