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Ready-made MMO Electrode Assembly for Hypochlorite and Chlorate electrolysis experimentation

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Posted 10 April 2021 - 01:24 AM

Here are links to two Electrolytic Disinfectant units which have MMO electrodes for electrolysis of Salt Water Solutions.


IPRee® 5V 1A Mini Disinfectant Generator Sodium Hypochlorite Ion Generator



Mini 5V USB Hypochlorous Acid Water Disinfection Sterilizing Making


Both units are powered through a USB plug connector which contains an internal

electronic timer chip which delivers current to the electrode assembly each time

it is plugged into a USB power source.  The electrode assembly is immersed in

a container of salt water, the usb plug is inserted into a usb power source to

begin electrolysis of the salt water solution and after 5 minutes the internal

timer interrupts the current path to the electrode assembly.  The units are made

for making dilute solutions of Sodium Hypochlorite for disinfection uses so the

timers are incorporated to assure the solution is weak and safe for people to

use without hazard.


For experimental use to create strong solutions of Sodium Hypochlorite or to

make small quantities of Sodium or Potassium Chlorate where the electrolysis

time would be much longer, the 5 minute timer must be eliminated.  The easiest

way to do this is to remove the USB plug with the built-in timer from the electrode

assembly power cord by snipping it free.  Should you desire to save the USB plug

with the timer just cut the cord to leave about an inch of wire with the plug so that

you can attach the wires to another project at some future time where the 5 minutes

of applied power may be a useful feature.


Expose the wires at the cut end of the electrode assembly cord to remove insulation from

the Red and Black wires to attach terminals for connection to an adjustable

power supply capable of producing an output of from 3.5 VDC to 4.5 VDC.  This

voltage range applied to the electrodes immersed in a Salt Water Solution will result

in an electrolysis current of from 300 mA to 600 mA.  The electrodes are designed to

tolerate a maximum current of 1 Ampere but I run mine at from 350 to 500 mA for all

that I do with them to keep from shortening their useful lives.


I have nipped the perforated electrode cover from the electrode assembly in order to

expose the two electrodes which permits unobstructed gas release from the plates

while electrolysis is underway.



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