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Miscellaneous Misc Pyro File - Price PyroPractic (29.11.2019)

Paper shells equipment

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Posted 29 November 2019 - 08:41 AM

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File Name: Price PyroPractic (29.11.2019)

File Submitter: PyroPractic

File Submitted: 29 Nov 2019

File Category: Miscellaneous

New update.
For new products,I make a 20% discount until the end of this year. (At the below is the old price without a discount)
Paper hemi-cylinder shell (canister shell)
Posted Image
Size    Diameter (mm)         Height*       Wall thickness (mm)          Price for pcs         Minimal order
2”            45                             48                    1,3                                    0,33USD                20pcs
2,5”         54                             54                    2,2                                    0,41USD                15pcs
3”            67                             80                    2,6                                    0,91USD                10pcs
4”            91                             98                    3,1                                    1,67USD                 4pcs
5”         116                            122                    3,1                                    2,71USD                 1pcs
6”         141                           144                    3,6                                     3,75USD                 1pcs
* Height of the two halves
Price for the two halves
Advantages over hemispheres:
Easy and quick assembly (Enough to wrap in 4-8 layers of craft paper with glue)
• Large capacity and convenient shape, 16mm crossettes (6pcs) can be put even in 2” shell.Schwermeres(20mm) can be used in 3”shell is 6pcs
• Can be used as a multi-break
• Volume 1.6 times larger than hemispheres.
YouTube playlist about making this cylinder (PyroPractic week):  
Posted Image
Sheet 55x98cm - 0,55 USD/sheet.(minimal order 10 sheet)
Kozo-paper 27g /m^2 and thickness 0,05mm is used to pack the husk into a sphere or cylinder.
It passes fire well, but it does not support combustion.
Kozo-paper has a high tensile strength of 270-280 kg/cm2 along the fibers and 150-160 kg/cm2 across the fibers.
Wholesale from 100pcs.
Tubes for time fuse 6mm
Posted Image
Size          Length             Minimal order              Price for pcs
2,5”            35mm                  100pcs                         0,06USD
3”               39mm                  100pcs                         0,065USD
4”               50mm                  100pcs                         0,07USD
5”               64mm                    50pcs                         0,09USD
6”               87mm                    20pcs                         0,1USD
Wholesale from 1000pcs.
The inner diameter of the tubes is 6.1 mm, the outer diameter is 8.5 mm, a straight winding sleeve. The length of the tube is indicated above.
Center tube for ball or cylinder. To conduct fire, several black match threads are inserted into the tube.
It can also be used to make reports and small firecrackers. Can be used for the manufacture of a flame tube.
Mail: pyropractic@gmail.com
What’s app: +79067353581
YouTube channel https://www.youtube..../FPVMagicCarpet (PyroPractic)
Telegram : PyroPractic
Instagram: PyroPractic (more photo and video).
My topic at APC forum: https://www.amateurp...ireworks/page-1

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