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Traveling to China!


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Has anyone here ever been to china especially for the purpose of fireworks exploration? or call it "fireworks tourism"

I am planning a trip there for Chinese New Year 2017 and I wonder if anyone had ever been there to visit, purchase,shoot,factory tours etc... I have been going over several potential itineraries and many "touristy" recommend not even trying to travel to china especially around CNY which is the largest human migration period, but funny that's what I want to be a part of, the madness. A quick search on the most popular video site for "chinese new year street fireworks" will give you an idea of what I am after. I would do the actually CNY at the end or very beginning of my trip and then do Changsha and Liuyang the heart of fireworks long before or long after so it wouldn't be so hectic and people wouldnt have time for me.

I would go to Beijing, Changsha and Liuyang for almost 3 weeks I have available.

Also if anyone can recommend any Chinese contacts reply here or shoot me a PM, any insight is greatly appreciated.


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Do the factories shut down for the new year? I know a lot of places to so the workers can 'go home' to visit family.


Edit: My trip to China was regular tourism, before I got into the pyro community so I don't have much to say on the contacts there.

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