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What are your favorite combinations?


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As the title says, what combinations do you like to use or watch? Whether it is in shells, fountains, rockets, cakes, pinwheels, or whatever else you fancy.


My favorite combo to make for stars is: willow --> glitter --> color --> crackle cores; large stars are easier to work with and let me make more shells in a day. I also love color changing crossettes but they are PITA to make. I tend to use large crossette comets for rising effects, going to try a FeTi TT this year.


So something like: Berg's gold lampblack willow --> Winokur #13 --> Steve Majdali's parlon colors --> bismuth dragon egg cores

Or: Spanish Kamuro --> one of John Meinhart's colored strobes --> luce forte (or giallo abbagliante)


For colored cores I like to use the Glasswick lances, for colored strobes the Meinhart formulas, and for standard color stars either the Majdali parlons or the Spanish colors. I tend to stick with KP and nitrate, avoiding AP, AN, and chlorates. I'm not a big fan of the carbonate colors either.

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