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OK, I know 70# Kraft is pretty much a pyro standard for most shell and tube making. Since I live near the heart of paper manufacturing there are opportunities for all sorts of discontinued or overrun product. One of the lots caught my eye so I'm wondering if Kraft is the only choice or if there might be acceptable alternatives. This particular product is a 65# weight but has a designation "long grain", that's what made me even think about this. It also has a "laid finish" which means it has a texture to it (see description below).


"Laid is another type of finish that emulates the look of fine hand-crafted paper from the early days. Its texture is made up of horizontal and vertical ribs known as “chain lines.” It is created using a dandy roll (wire cylinder) to impress the pattern into the paper along with the watermark at the wet end of the manufacturing process."


Paper label:




Texture detail:





Here's the question: would this paper reasonably approach the performance of Kraft for tubes and shell casings or is Kraft the "only answer"? For me the price point would have to be very reasonable (like really cheap) to start and there is lots of paper, 4500 sheets 26 x 40". Imagine a roll of this paper 26" wide by 15,000 feet!

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Can you whet some and crumple it up, let rest and open it up again, wrap around a can or something without falling apart? Lets talk, I am a paper whore connoisseur and would LOVE to get my hands on some of that.

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