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Pumping Gold Tremalon Stars


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Will Tremelon comps scar a star plate? I'm not familiar with the hardness of antimony as compared to aluminum and don't want to tear up my new plate and conversely I don't want to have to build a set of "Siefkur Solution" spacers until I figure things out. What metals does this apply to?

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I don't have a definite answer but a Google search is showing Antimony trisulfide's density at 6.5 g/cm^3 and Aluminum at 2.7 to 4.1 g/cm^3.


Could you please share the Tremelon formula(s)?

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What are your star plates made from? Antimony trisulfide, which is what I assume you're actually talking about, is actually relatively soft. It should be fine with most common tool materials. You can always rub a little bit of it against the side or an otherwise unimportant part of the tooling to see if it scratches it at all.


The biggest culprit for marring tooling is titanium granules. Steel granules or turnings can also cause a problem with aluminum tooling. Even still, the biggest issue is metal particles getting wedged between a rammer and wall of the tooling. This is where it causes the most destructive damage. To prevent this, you can use carefully selected particle sizes, or use tricks like Mike Siefker's disks or a top layer of non-metalized composition.


Here's the fomula from Jerry Taylor I have for Tremalon.


Glitter Star:
Name: Tremelon
Source: Jerry Taylor
Meal Powder 24
Antimony Trisulfide, Chinese needle 4.5
Aluminum, atom, spher, 120-325 mesh, 20 micron 3
Dextrin 2.25
Strontium Carbonate 1.5
Sodium Oxalate 1.5
Tare: Total: 36.75
Meal 65.31%
Sb2S3 12.24%
Al 8.16%
NaOx 4.08%
SrCarb 4.08%
Dex 6.12%
Broken into meal components
KNO3 48.98% 49
C 9.80% 9.8
S 6.53% 6.5
Sb2S3 12.24% 12.2
Al 8.16% 8.2
NaOx 4.08% 4.1
SrCarb 4.08% 4.1
Dex 6.12% 6.1
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I just pumped a 5# batch of "buttered popcorn" glitter stars today using a 3/4" x 20 aluminum plate from Ben Smith. These stars contain approximately 8% SbS3. I did not see any scratching of the plate.

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