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Looking for a charcoal formula for...evil plans

flying fish

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So I don't know if this composition exists. I need a formula that will:


- Have good but not to-the-ground burn time in a 4" shell assuming 3/4" pumped stars

- Be capable of drying in 4 days or less in a drying box with those 3/4" stars, assuming they are hydraulically pressed with only a small% water

- Is the effect sensitive to the percent water used? I seem to recall some of the early authors like Shimizu that we got the formulas from used a lot of water but is this really necessary?


I figure Tigertail may be too slow in both respects (drying time and burn rate), Spider mixes will be too fast, so I'll look for something in between. However, I have minimal experience with Charcoal comps, so I'm hoping someone with more experience might be able to chime in and make a recommendation. Maybe I screwed myself out of this one by waiting too long to make the stars, but if that's the case, it'd also be good to know :P. I know this is a basic question, maybe it shoulda gone in the newbie section, the special twist being the need for accelerated drying times.

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