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Looking for a cheapo compact camera that allows manual focus in video mode


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Since my very old and simple digital camera has died I'm looking for a substitute.


I'm not a photo or video enthusiast and I dont like to spend much money on these things. I want a simple compact camera I can carry in my pocket that creates photos AND also videos that are good enough to be uploaded on YT ect.


I know a "real" camcorder would be a be better solution but I don't to buy want a second device.



Testing several cameras I had lent with fireworks often showed two significant flaws when I tried to capture fireworks on video:


First is, the autofocus cannot be set to manual mode while the camera is in video mode. The camera was constantly searching, the focus ran back and forth during the video and my nice rocket was all blurry.


Second is, many but not all cameras exhibit a certain behaviour in a dark environment:

It's hard to explain, but when I filmed a car passing by, it seemed to move like in slow motion but was not... The framerate seems to drop to very low rates in such cases.

Might not be a problem with bright Pyro effects, but I guess with rather subtle ones the video would be ruined.


My old camera did not have this issues!



Can you suggest some very simple compact camera that - well - at least produces some videos that might not be perfect, but show the beauty typical pyro effects?


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Klein Bass X100 works for me to take vids of fireworks. It also takes stills but the menu is not user friendly.

It's a cheap go pro

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