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AU$303 Fine for butting out a cigarette!


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I know I'll get some flack for this, but I don't care - I reckon this fine is absolutely absurd and very "Un-Australian".


Yes, I'm a smoker, and yes, I accept that I did butt out the said cigarette on the ground, at the prescribed time and location, and just left it there. It's not something I would normally do, I'm usually careful where I put my butts, but not in this instance - just a mistake.


This fine has nothing to do with "fire hazards" which would at least make it more palatable, but a simple breach of the EPA laws (Environmental Protection Authority). A saving grace I guess, is that at least I know that my money will help them catch those really big polluters. Oh dear, now I'm starting to feel all warm and fuzzy inside - sorry, I'm tearing up a bit and will have to leave it at that for the moment.


. . . . . some time later . . . . .


Well, that was an episode within itself. After snotting my nose and wiping my eyes with some tissues, I was conflicted about which bin to throw the tissues in! The recycled or the standard??. I settled for the standard, lest I be fined again.


During my teary blubbering episode, I asked myself "what sort of people actually do tell, dob, ie. inform against someone for such a small crime? I had no answer, and that made me just cry even harder.


Anyway, If I wasn't too busy making pyrotechnic devices, I'd likely complain to the relevant authorities to get the fine overturned.



<finger> <finger> :P :P


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I know the feeling. I got a 401 dollar fine for not wearing a seat belt once.

I had just gotten out of the water spearfishing and drove 5 mins down the road.

Hate the feeling of the seatbelt on with my wetsuit on too :P

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You know the used tissue paper is a bio-hazard after blowing your nose in it. They make red danger colored plastic bags for bio-hazard materials.

They will be sending you another ticket for that offense since you posted your action publicly. :-)

We are all doomed with the directions our societies are going in these days.

Every year we get a little closer to "Idiocracy" becoming our reality.

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