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FeCu Powder


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Does anyone know any effects that use FeCu? I see that hobbychemicalsupply have it listed on their website.


The only thing I can think of is attempting an exotic strobe composition. Does anyone have any experience with this material?

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I'm sure it will make sparks. But not sure of any different effect it's used for. Though it seems like I saw a recent Chinese pyro patent that listed it but I will have to dig around to make sure.
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I'm actually struggling to come up with any formulas that use iron, I've got about 3 on hand, one of which is a sparkler and the other two being gold rain stars. This is just a guess but you could probably sub the FeCu for any composition that calls for a metal dust especially iron or copper dust, with different effect obviously, but HCS says it is 60% iron and 40% copper. Order a pound, try it out, post some videos and let us know.


I found these, I bet the brass dust could be switched out for the Iron-Copper master alloy:


Golden Rain #1

30....Potassium nitrate


03....Antimony sulphide

03....Wood flour

02....Ground glass

01....Brass dust


Golden Rain #2

04....Meal powder


02....Wood flour

01....Ground glass

01....Brass dust

01....Potassium nitrate

Ad lib....Shellac alcohol

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