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Laser Cut Pyro Tools


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Hey All,

I've got access to a Laser Engraver that I have used to make some tools for pyro uses. I recently made a fellow member some Spiking Templates for Cylinder shells.


Chipboard, cardboard and 1/8" thick wood is what I use most of.


These templates seen below are 1/8" wood.


The hole in the center can be any size you like. I made these to go over time fuse, and another set with .75" center cutout to accommodate spolettes.


I can accommodate a size of 18" x 24"


I can make you anything you need. PM me for pricing.


Everything is done in Adobe Illustrator and then sent to the Laser.


Let me know what I can create for you!!

Message me or send an email to cory.harker4@gmail.com


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Thanks to all that have messaged me thus far and had me cut out some templates for you. I ran a batch today. I'll get them shipped out soon.




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Waiting on mine to.

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They are worth the price , i bought a set from 4 inch through 8 inch and they are too notch.



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