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March 8 Holiday Shells and Comets.


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Made some shells and 2 comets for 8 March.

The shells are 1.75" cans, made with the same method as 3" shells, only the stars are mixed with the burst.

Burst: Nitrate Flash ( 50 KNO3, 30% S, 20% Al ) + 22% Chinese Flash ( 40% KClO4, 25% MgAl 200 mesh, 20% S, 15% Al 325 mesh flake ). I wanted to put 20% of Chinese Flash, but then I thought " Nahh, it's too little, lets put 22%!". As we can see - worked very nice. Burst is not too strong as with simple Chinese Flash, and not "middle" as with Nitrate Flash.

STARS: Ba(NO3)2 55%, MgAl 200 mesh 20%, PVC powder 12%, Phenolic Resin 8%, KClO4 5%. 4x4-6x6 mm ( with prime ). I made them by cutting method, used 70% propanol-2 solution in water as a solvent, also for better dissolvment of Phenolic Resin I put the watered mix into a bag for 6 hours.

PRIME: 50% KNO3, 20% KClO4, 10% Charcoal ballmilled, 10% Sulpfur, 10% Phenolic Resin, 5% Dextrin, 5% MgAl 200 mesh, 5% Fe2O3. This prime has a lot of components, but works superb. Used 40% propanol-2 solution for coating the stars with prime, so that both the Dextrin and Phenolic Resin would work as binders.







This is sipmle C6 comet ( 33x80 mm, made by gluing together two comets, but the comets were not so good pressed, so 1 got crushed.)


This is a 23x60 mm comet ( NaNO3 65%, S 20%, Charcoal ballmilled 15% + 5% Dextrin + 2% MgAl 200 mesh.), also made by gluing + a 13x13 mm metallic blue star ( KClO4 59%, Bronze ( changed for pure Cu powder homemade ) 15%, Sulpfur 15%, PVC powder 7%. Dextrin 7%.

I really liked the blue, it's bright, if you consider that Blue can't be super bright. Did not prime the blue, only matched it, just to know how easy is it to ignite.

The comets made a nice bright head + sparkling and charcoal tail. The Youtube makes the effect worse, if you want - i can send you a file itself, the qulity will be a lot better!


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Nice shells man ! Good breaks too.
I like your colours, except the red. There are some really good and not too expensive red formulas that do better then yours.

Maybe Buell red ? It might be the camera ofcourse, I don't know ;).

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Good work! :o

a very nice green! I still have not managed to make a similar green, I missing chemicals. You have pictures of the finished shells ?

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Aspirina, here is the photo. Do you know that the letters on your avatar mean "Cat" in russian?:)


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nice looking shells! good paste. I dont speak russian but I know кот is cat hahahaha :D

hahaha I know. I do not know how to speak Russianhahaha I know. I do not know how to speak Russian
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Great work! Very nice burst patterns. I used to think my smaller shells looked good :( Keep up the good work!

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