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Need help choosing a salute cannon


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Hello everyone,

​I've recently decided to get a salute cannon. And I'm split between two decisions.

​I was curious if any more experienced members had any input.

​I'm trying to pick between either this one:
or this one:

I was reading other posts, and one user said that longer barrels can make louder booms for less blackpowder. But the second one, the big daddy thundermug, has overwhelmingly good reviews and numerous people vouching for how loud it is.

​So does anyone have any suggestions which would be better to get, for a safe and bigger bang for my buck? Or would you suggest another one not listed in the price range of $150 or less?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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I just recently got into signal cannons myself, and you really need to consider where you're shooting when picking a thunder mug. My 45 cal (0.45" bore) mini mug packed half full of Pyrodex P then topped full of packed kitty litter makes an impressive bang (think m80), and is about the largest I'd feel comfortable firing in my suburban backyard. My 1 inch bore mug with 150 grains of Pyrodex P packed tight and topped with packed kitty litter is so loud I would worry about blowing out nearby windows lighting it here. Plus, the bigger the bore the more powder you'll need to get the maximum effect, which means more cost and bigger danger if something should go wrong.


$0.02 from a fellow newcomer, stay safe!



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