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Miscellaneous Misc Pyro File - Cone and 3-Cylinder Cluster Equations


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File Name: Cone and 3-Cylinder Cluster Equations

File Submitter: BlueComet24

File Submitted: 30 Jan 2016

File Category: Miscellaneous


Two formulas for calculating values.
1. Cone Formula: For calculating the angle of the peak of a cone and other characteristics based on the angle of a wedge removed from a circle and the radius of the circle. Useful for making rocket nose cones, conical lift cups, etc.
2. Cluster Formula: For calculating the minimum required inner diameter (or radius) of a tube to put 3 cylinders of a known outer diameter (or radius) inside it. Useful for cramming 3 comets, salutes, or other inserts into shell; making an enclosure for 3 batteries; clustering 3 rocket motors into a fuselage tube, etc.


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