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The godzila smoke


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So 3 days back I made a HUGE smoke with this simple powder. (i eyeballed the whole mixture)


Name of composition: Godzila smoke
Composition Type: Smoke/bright light
Creator: Dredlohs
Color/Effect: Produces a bright yelow light, sometimes a little bit of blue-violet light. if you throw a bit of rust in it will give of sparkles. 3 tbsp produce so much smoke, it smoked our garden which is 40*40 meters. The smoke is very thick, like someone was vaping like hell.

The composition

  • 3,5 parts coal (not charcoal, normal coal like antracite)
  • 3.5 parts kno3
  • 2 parts aluminium flakes (the ones you can find in paint for painting pipes, and they stick to everething making a hige mess)
  • 1 part sugar

Preperation: I smashed coal in homemade smahser, which is a steel pipe welded to a steel base and smasher is just a 5kg steel rod with handles.

My kno3 was already fine powder.

I took it all and just dumped everything in a tin can and swirled around till it looked like it was mixed.

Then you take aluminium foil, take a tbsp of powder, dump it on foil, and just tie it off and compress it a little bit with your hands. Then stick a sparkler (the one that looks like a small welding rod) through the foil and light it off.


I am open to any recomendation you would tell me, and will surely try em out, if i will be able to do it.

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Try one that is KNO3, powdered sugar, and wax. I believe 46, 26, 28 is a ratio that works well. Melt the wax and screen together the nitrate and sugar, remove wax from heat, and stir in dry mixture. Stir well and it should be crumbly once it cools. You can then press it into a container or make a ball, poke a hole and insert fuse and then wrap in a few wraps of aluminum foil.


There are other formulas that use different chemicals but they will be much harder to find. The above is about the best you will get from easily accessible chemicals and it does work pretty good.


Merry Christmas!

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