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I spent last weekend shooting two shows at one of my favorite events to work each year, the Ohio Challenge. It is a hot air balloon and skydiving festival. Friday, we shot a small multimedia display combining a laser show with close prox and traditional display fireworks. Unfortunately, it was very humid with no wind, so the smoke hung to the ground. Great for the lasers, but terrible for the pyro. The second night was a pyromusical with a pyro jump to open the night off. The skydivers start at 10,000' AGL in a star pattern with 6 gerbs strapped to each jumper. Once the breakaway from the first formation, they continue popping more gerbs under the canopies.











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Cool pictures, that last one looks a little questionable though! How do hot air balloons control where they land?

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Rest assured, the Flag is in no danger of being burned. Those are custom close proximity herbs which will not burn the canopy as well. The LAST thing we want is to drop a burning flag at an event.


Hot air balloons are at the mercy of the wind. The pilots can only go up and down by adding or releasing heat.

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