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So for the general day to day safety I wear goggles and some head cover if needed (respirator, balaclava) and just don't put myself in situations where more protection would be needed (don't do some things, do them in distance with long handles / electronics etc)


Now there are things I'd like to do where I'd feel much more confident with something more sturdy and extended. I was looking into those full face plexyglas covers, e.g.:


But find they offer too little for the price. And most seem to be meant for small flying debris / chemical splash protection not a close up deflagration, with fast propelled equipment pieces. Thus for the rare occasions I fear things can go that bad, I wanted something to actually withstand what I'm expecting.


So right next to the plexiglass masks I see these sturdy, heat resistant, face enveloping shields priced almost the same. Now I cant find any definite information as to what level of impact protection they offer. Especially the glass windows, I'm afraid might shatter and produce even more nasty shrapnel when hit by something. I'm looking at getting something like this, with clear ("spark/fire protection") window:


Basically one of the cheapest options that allows hands free operation.


Also there are ones with narrow window and more of a square window.

Does this relate to protection level / application or it's mostly related to price of window?

(E.g. is this better or worse - http://instrumenti.lv/images/items/bsdvb3eRiRe.jpgmostly they're cheaper)


TL;DR; Plexyglass face shield seem too flimsy and open ends provide way for fire / hot debris while similarly priced welders masks sounds like much better deal at similar price except for the glass window. Is it shatter proof?

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Either of those would be better than nothing, especially if it was easy to wear so that you always did wear it. Two layers of plastic window would make the welders mask better, avoid the glass. You will need replacement windows as once they scratch a bit you will push them up.


First important thing to realise is that PPE in it's box doesn't protect you, PPE must be fast and easy to wear so that you do wear it every time.


Ultimately PPE is the last line of defence after reviewing the task and the method, and ultimately after that there should be little risk and the PPE may still fail BUT it should reduce the severity and extent of harm. Think of PPE as reducing the percentage of burn and reducing the severity of burns.


With pyro you do NOT eliminate hazard or risk, just reduce it -hopefully a lot!

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You can always cut your own lense out of sturdy polycarbonate materials. The welder type will provide better protection from a flame envelope going off in front of your face. The flame envelope tends to wrap around a shield so the further the shield extends around your face the better off you will be during an accident. A pull over type fire resistant head covering will protect your ears, neck, face, hair etc.

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I would go with the welders mask. I use a auto darkening type that allows me to see what I am doing, but if there is a bright light such as a metal flash fire it also protects my eyes and skin from the various UV light generated.

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