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White Glitter 3" Round Shell


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Hi everyone,

Heres a video of a 3" round shell I made for our 4th of July party last night. The video was recorded by a guest and isn't the best but I thought It would be a good way to introduce myself to the form. As I said its a 3" shell pasted with 10 layers and lifted with 17grams of my hot bp. The stars are Hardt White Glitter (I can post the formula if needed) and are 1/2" pumped. They were primed with an NC lacquer/bp mix on one end. The shell's burst was 7/1 BP on ricehulls and boosted with one gram of 70/30 flash.


While I've been building shells for several years as a hobby, in this past round I was presented with more problems than I've ever had. I decided to start cross matching my time fuse this year after reading of its praises on this form. While I had never had a shell not light from the lift, 6 of my shells failed to light last night. I was able to find a failed one this morning and the black match did in fact take fire but did not ignite the time fuse. As well as cross matching I dipped the exposed end of my time fuse in NC Lacquer/BP mix followed by dipping it in granulated BP. I fused all of my shells with the same roll of time fuse so I dont believe it was to fault. I'm left with believing that somehow crossmatching messed with the powder core of the time fuse. I'm well aware that a good majority of people use this method and will stand by it. So If anyone has run into a similar problem or has any suggestions I'd love to hear them otherwise I'll probably go back to using non-crossmatched fuse or start making spolettes.


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