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Need help with rocket tooling!


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So, Tomorrow im going to be pounding some bp rockets :D... But I was wondering what type of hammer or mallet can I use besides a rawhide mallet? I have heard that rubber mallets suck for ramming rockets, will a dead blow hammer be any better?


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Oh thats great! Harbor freight sounds nice but their shipping to PR is ridiculous.


Will a dead blow damage my tooling at all ?

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27oz hammer is plenty big for smaller rockets, what size of motors are you ramming?

A lighter hammer will allow a better feel for how the fuel is ramming and give you better control

over not splitting the tube if you are not using a tube support.

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I would be glad to flat rate ship you something from here. If you can wait a day or two for me to go to town I can get you whatever size hammer you would like.. both harbor freight and grizzly are somewhat close.


I use a 12 oz. snap on dead blow for a lot of stuff.. the 24 oz dead blow from harbor freight does pack a bigger punch.. and it has no trouble making good 3 lb. rockets. :) with me running it of course. I tried to get it to make them by itself but it was just like my older kids and sat around all the time..

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