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Pyro Tooling Clearance


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Howdy Everyone,


I've got a bunch of pyro tooling on clearance right now. Everything listed below is in stock and is brand new. These items are simply being replaced by new designs and manufacturing. As such, they are available at a reduced price. Email ben@firesmithtools.comif you are interested. Quantities are limited and once they are gone... well... they are gone... Additional product photos and descriptions can be found at www.firesmithtools.com


Hummer Insert $89

Tourbillion/Farfalle Insert $89

1lb Flying Tourbillion $129

3lb Nozzleless Core Burn Rocket $149

3lb Universal Core Burn Rocket $149

1lb Strobe Rocket $109

1lb Super BP End Burn Rocket $99

1lb Stinger & Drill Jig $99

1.25" Multi-Pump & Extraction Tube $149

2" Multi-Pump & Extraction Tube $249

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