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Buell Red Chlorate Substitution


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Hi Guys,


Would like to get some metallic fueled red and green stars going but do not have access to Perc.


I've gotten a full rainbow of KClO3 organics working well now.


There are a good number of Perc-metallic-carbonate reds which I can successfully sub KClO3 but most metallic green compositions make use of Ba(NO3)2. Sourcing Ba(NO3)2 is no problem but I'm not comfortable with mgal-Nitrate-ClO3.


Buell red and the green adaption using cheap and comparatively safe BaCO3 seem like a good option.


To my question....


Has anyone successfully gotten Buell Red with KClO3 working? I tried a 1:1 sub with a small loose powder test but the flame was orange with a thick black indicating a super fuel rich comp. My understanding is that the temp needs to get up to utilise the CO3 as a secondary oxidiser. Does it generally not work as a powder but fine once pumped/rolled/cut? I also assume that the comp need to be adjusted with a bit more KClO3 for the amount of available oxygen.


What primes were you using? Stepped H3 to sulfurless 70:30 BP?

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Buell red with Perc leaves behind alot of residue. I could always see a decent red even if burning loose powder. I would try reducing the chlorine donor (parlon) if using Chlorate instead of Perc. My two cents.

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Thanks Jake,

I haven't had a whole lot of time to test.

My feeling is that my MgAl is not fine enough but at least it helps to know that the powder should burn properly. Saves me having to make a few stars, and wait for them to dry each time I change a variable.

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