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Hello all ! My english is bad, Sorry .... :(

I would like to stage so to speak an interesting contest among fireworkers, a task to make explosive on potassium nitrate, without applications of potassium perchlorate in general (on 3" caliber)! Win at whom the sphere will reveal most well and with a good prime with stars

Very much I ask you not to swindle and honestly to use explosive without potassium perchlorate

Will judge you Nil_Admirari !

The list explosive which can be used:

- Aluminium powder Flash(Potassium Nitrate-50/25Sulf/25 Al Bright Flake)

- Black Powder (All types of proportions)

- Any other in principle explosive without Potassium Perchlorate

Explosive it is possible to roll on rice hulls on everything that the soul will wish, it is possible to granulate :)

Shell it is possible, to Shot or deliver in the sky on the rocket, here the difference isn't present!

As for stars, they can be used any type: square, round, cylinders.

As for pasting, it it is exclusive with use of a kraft paper

It is forbidden to use the pasting machine!

All the rest on your discretion!

There have to be a photo of your products and their most detailed description!

The distance from you to a mortar has to make not less 50meters!

Demand form:

- My love explosive

- Why decided to participate?


participating in competition anybody and loses nothing! This competition is a good way to share with each other the huge

experience which is useful to all!

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yes only nitrates, no potassium chlorate and perchlorate

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Ooo my God......Zheneck222, for what is this??? Are you stupid? You are gonna try to make both us to fight each other?:)

Женя, слушай меня, иди на наш форум и там делай свои конкурсы, нефиг устраивать сражения между форумами.!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

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