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Red flare rocket with parachute


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Red flare rocket with parachute

Rocket based on 25 mm sorbitol nozzleless engine



- Diameter- 550 mm

- Central hole in parachute - 15 mm

Flare (I.D 20 mm):

- Total long 100 mm

- Delay composition 20 mm. BP 50/40/10

- Ignition composition after delay 5 mm. Mixed BP with flare comp. 50:50

- Flare composition long 55 mm

- Flare mass 102 g.

Flare composition:

Sr(NO3)2 - 60%

Mg - 30%

PVC - 10%

+2% mineral oil

Total in flare - 40-45g.





VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TV_Lgf-i4zg

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Very cool. I'm looking to make something similar, but with a strobe pot. What material are you using for your parachutes?

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Nice, thanks for the details.
Did you sew the strings/ropes to the chute, or just glue them? Have you had any problems with it catching fire being partly polyester?

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