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Back From Hiatus, Warm Hello to All + Shock & Disgust


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Greeting fellow scholars and Sky Artists! I have been on Hiatus exploring other areas of science and unfortunately helping some older relatives through tough times. I have such a high regard for this forums resources; my # of posts is not an accurate measure of much I feel at home whenever I browse the forum. I have read countless posts, links and other resources; that were the most helpful and intelligent and creative; compared to any other source. My name may not be known by many but many of the regulars names I will likely never forget.


I went to school for Computer Science, however I foolishly never dug deep into the physical layer and electrical engineering. Electronics in general always were a great interest to me as well as a hobby. However whenever it came to reading and assembling schematics I needed a translator and assistance all the way down the line.


I'm far from a Guru however the Arduino project turned the light bulb in my head on, spiked me interest in EE, embedded software and really brought my love of Open Source full circle. This obviously required me to obtain many different components, accessories etc. . Long story short I was not happy with the current market situation in the US and on Ebay and Amazon so I began importing and creating my own product line. I never launched if fully due to not having the help I thought I did to kick-start the endless tasks needed to process my wholesale shipments, provide resources, support, host and manage an e-commerce platform.


I don't look at it as a failure and I'm not sure what direction I will go in; One thing thats great is I'm stocked to design, play, learn and perfect many awesome electrical creations.


My living situation is uncertain so I'm not sure if I will be able to do make many pyro creations this season; however I wanted to price a few items out of curiosity. Unfortunately prices are not what I found; what I found made me sick to my stomach.


I've been a support of North Star since he began expanding his Jumping Jack Flash Product line offering great service, support and always played by the rules. I'm almost speechless right now, I need to get more details. So many people claiming fraud, in 2014, I think thats the last time I visited the site, Bob was always honest and went out of his way for me.


Back to good news, I hope to be able to make some of the schematics available of some projects I have been working on after further testing, as well as give back by answering questions involving basic to intermediate electronics many new hobbyists often have. I wish I had more time to browse and I hope to return soon.

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Great to see you around again. As a bit of good news, there's a new pyro club in your area. I know a few people from your state who attend regularly. http://mapag.us/vp.cgi/home/index.htm


I hate to pile on the bad news about Northstar and Bob's related companies, but Bob Flint passed away in November. It sounds like he probably got sick, and this played a big role in his dropping off the scene and causing some of the accusations, though not intentionally or maliciously.

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