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need composition of niagras/waterfalls


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Hi all


I need compositions for Niagra. On doing google search three formulas came up.


1. Ralph degn'n: i dont have red gum


2. Weingart half inch and two inch: i dont have iron turnings.


I have four.types of aluminium and charcoal, sulphur, barium, strontium.


Will try to.post pics of aluminium in eve.

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MEPCO 666 and MEPCO 999, Al flakes , aluminium dust are.the ones in my inventory.
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Try going to an automotive shop that repairs brakes. They should turn down brakes to smooth them out and there should be many pounds of steel turnings under the machine. For them it is garbage they have to clean and they should gladly let you haul it away.


In my experience these chips are the perfect size for use in pyro and are free at many places around town.

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Waterfall, United Nuclear

Potassium perchlorate 460

Aluminum, granular 320

Aluminum, bright flake 140

Dextrin 080


Screen the composition, then when ready to load the tubes, wet it with 75% water, 25% alcohol just enough to get it to clump. I have made this with various coarse flake aluminums for the "granular" with good success. For tubes, make 5" x 1/2" tubes out of ordinary paper by wrapping them around a 1/2" dowel and taping (Scotch tape) or pasting the edge. Fold the bottom of the tube over the end of the dowel to seal, and tape the bottom to seal. Put a small increment into the tube, tamp firmly, and repeat until the tube is mostly full. Reserve some of the composition to make a "starter" for the last 1/4 to 1/2" of each tube by mixing 10g of the composition with 2 grams of Meal D, fill the tube completely and tamp. Allow to dry thoroughly (a few days). Prime with NC lacquer and a few grains of 2FA to 7 FA powder. Hang bottom-up with twine or string from a wire about 1 foot apart, and fuse the whole set with QM. I find that these burn too fast if let sit for a year in the magazine, even though they don't seem to have lost any additional moisture weight.


United Nucler, via Bill Turner

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