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Compositions to pump


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I don't know what kind of stars are most popular out there, but personally I'm going to switch to pumped stars for a while. Exciting!


As pumped stars are easy to make uniform and supposedly ignites relatively easily, I was hoping to gather compositions that are well suited for pumps.

We currently have access to a huge amount of compositions on countless different websites, but not all of them states whether it's better for rolling, pumping, etc.

I'm guessing that many of the "standard" comps (N1, D1, TT etc) works well in pumps, while some perhaps are best rolled/cut. Knowing which is which would certainly be helpful to a beginner, and might save us some time and chemicals on the way.


Personally I have previously pumped a very few batches of D1, N1, Ralph's glitters and glitter/D.E-matrix with great success, but have yet to try pumped colors.

Further on I will try to contribute as much as possible with comps and videos as I progress and experience, hopefully to help other beginners out there.


Any compositions, pictures, videos or other information on pumping stars are appreciated!



Be safe.



Edit: I meant to post this in the compositions subcategory.

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