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Not very much pyro, but may be helpful.


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I don't do pyro anymore and I lack tools, but I can donnate some stuff in the domain of electronics. Capacitors, resistors, heatsinks, boards. Please tell me if they can be helpful.


Best wishes to Mike!




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50AE, I cannot in good conscience accept any more donations. I have paid almost half of my medical bills off, and returned to work. I greatly appreciate all of the assistance I've been given already, and do not wish to take advantage of anyone's generosity. Now that I'm working again I'm no longer in the hard spot that I once was, and am slowly getting my bills taken care of.


Thank you for the well wishes, and I'm deeply sorry to hear that you can no longer do pyro. I hope that this is a temporary condition of your legal situation.

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Burrito, I know how you feel, but anyway people should help each other. It will make me feel good if I can be of any help.

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