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So, a few words about butterflies ...

First we need the body to bee, I used my standard cartridge caliber 12 mm.

Begin to to hammer the fuel into the body, leaving at the end of about 5-7 mm. in this space again hammered napkin, half space, dripping at it the top of a little silicate glue and top score even have to swipe level end of the sleeve and drips more glue, all for drying.
Next it is glued wings as follows, or any other convenient for you, the main thing to do propeller.


As can be seen from the scheme nozzle drilled at some distance from the end, namely, so that the drill would contaminate fuel cap instead :)
Nozzle diameter 3.5 mm.

So options are:






and here you can see here is a kind of aileron

Such here bend at the trailing edge increases the lift.
More options wing:

The fuel was a mixture of potassium nitrate and red blood additive salts with titanium and iron.

But the fuel was very angry and was diluted coal

and then was diluted with hexamine variant (+ 10% or + 5% from the top).

The same mixture was used "blue light" (the result of searching the color :) NB-60 PVC-20 AMP-20 and top 10% CuO) gave the mixture is not even a bad result as for peace and for the thrust and efficiency by compared with the fuel at the NC / CCF.

So in the end it was to use the classic fuel - black powder, it is cheaper and the cast-iron roll factory, which is also cheaper than titanium.
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