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Seems im too new to the hobby to have ever got to play with ferro-aluminum alloy, anyone know where to get the stuff? anyone willing to part with some?

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I've heard that it is rapidly oxidized...

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Your best bet for a small quantity of it might be to request a sample from a producer like Reade.


This is a formula I picked up a while ago from Rich Odgen on passfire.



From Rich Ogden on passfire on 7/18/2010, OP 7/16/2010


Here's one from my database. I haven't tried it, so use at your own risk.

Called FeAl Glitter

Potassium Nitrate 48
Barium Nitrate 10
Sulfur 16
AF Charcoal 11
FeAl, 200 mesh 10
Dextrin 5

Supposed to give a 2-color glitter (orange/cream white). Increasing the FeAl to 20 parts reportedly givs a "true" glitter.

Good luck!

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