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A fast red/green composition for GoGetters


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I always wanted to realise a GoGetter header, maybe I'll finally do it this year.


I did some tests in the past, using the brilliant rubber/independence red nitrate only formulas suggested by Ned Gorski, using a small whistle tool with a spindle that resembles the suggested core dimensions.


My experience: priming is a PITA, burn rate is insuficient for nozzleless. Maybe I pressed to hard.

Some didn't even lifted of the ground.


While these stars are otherwise hard to beat, bright and pure, I need something else here, and I'm lacking trial time.


While remembering vaguely that I once found Kyle Kepleys Emerald Green/Ruby Red quite fast, and it's charcoal and sulphur content might ease ignition, maybe someone has another idea:


Can you suggest a red/green formula that


-burns very fast

-lights with little prime

-does not use Mg




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For a white star, 5/3/2/1 KNO3/S/Al/Red Gum +5% Dex gives a star with enough power to be used for white gogetters. You can adjust the burn rate by choosing different sizes/types of al from -325 to flash grade.


For coloring a god point to start of should be to add +4 pvc and + 10 coloring agent, lowering the sulfur by ten (based on 50/30/20/10). If you have fine mgal it should also turn up the burn rate a bit.

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Mabuse i had the same problem my green went up ok, red never left the ground.

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I havent try with pyro magnal, but try with boiler anode magnalium (more Mg)



Sr(NO3)2 53
Anode MgAl 20
Parlon 17
KClO4 6
redgum 4


I did nozzleless rocket with this comp.

I didnt press, just bound with parlon in 12mm tube. Core: 5mm. Prime: KP/Magnal/C/redgum: 60/15/15/10

Must be prime full core








it would be try with fine pyro MgAL

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Maybe try using a smaller diameter and longer coring tool? I Haven't messed with green and red but tests of my perc blue are very impressive.

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nice one, well, that would be OK.


Core: 5mm

Diameter right? How long is it?



No doubt KNO3 slowflash would work, but I want colour.




green went up ok, red never left the ground

I could only notice this in humid wether or improperly dryed stars - no wonder. Using little PVB and use isopropanol as solvent alleviates the problem.

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