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Top Quality Case Formers For Sale


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I decided to start manufacturing case formers again after coming across a large supply of nice wood billets and recieving so many requests from people to do ' just one more' for them over the past year.


I intend to make the following sets and standard sizes.


Insert former sets from 1 to 2 inch diameter increasing in size by 1/8 increments.

Former sets in sizes for making hand rolled bottom shots 3 to 8 inch.

3-4-5-6 and 8 inch for standard sized shells.

Long case formers for insert shell cases.


Wood available.

Golden Teak - Makhar - Jackfruit - Yang Para - Iron Wood - Rosewood - Some very rare unusual types.


They will all have the appropriate sized holes to accomodate fuse/spolettes and will be vented.


All will be finished super smooth with Teak Oil then waxed. I do not laquer formers anymore.


Each former will be fitted with a nice brass plaque similar to the ones I put on the PGI cylinder shell competion prizes with my initials and the size engraved on it.


large formers are heavy and very expensive to send by airmail so unless you want it fast I will quote for surface mail on anything over 2 kg parcel weight. Surface mail transit time is 6 to 8 weeks but less than half the price of airmail.

I have limited time to make these so lead time from ordering to posting could in some cases be around 8 weeks.


They will not be cheap but then the best things in life never are and these formers will last you a lifetime.


To order please email me with your requirements bangkokpyro@hotmail.com and I will reply with a price and expected delivery time.


The wood types mentioned above are described on my website page.



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