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7 S.S 12"x12" Screens


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I have 7 12"x12" S.S screens I will gladly ship out.

Sizes are

3 mesh .054 wire

6 mesh .028 wire

10 mesh .028 wire( has slight cut bend from mfr. see photo 1)

14 mesh .017 wire

24 mesh .014 wire

30 mesh .017 wire

50 mesh .009 wire



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Thank you Eekamouse.
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For you guys that missed out - flamtnbiker and bota - if you only need small pieces - you can order mesh assortments pretty cheap - coarse or fine from either of these spots for a nice variety of pieces:





Wasnt sure if you guys actually needed these stainless screens or if you were simply bidding just for your personal inventories.....


I believe that manufacturer bwire will also send samples if you call...

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they do offer samples, but only on the stainless available from 1-4 mesh.

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They sent me a 4" x 4" sample of a 100x100 wire mesh sample last week? I think they will send samples of several different meshes, but only im stainless steel 304 or 316.

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