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can someone help me out in an extremely amateur I basically have no clue what im doing but i find this stuff very interesting and would like to learn more, if anyone is willing to throw me some pointer i would appreciate it.
Aug 29 2019 10:49 PM
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    What are wanting to learn?I'm pretty decent with black powde,rocketry and a few simple things like b egginer type stuff.I don't have or use metal powders being all my money goes to bills n kids and I'm fighting cancer so money is hard to come by these days. I taught my self and would've save alot of time n money if Ihad some to help me along the way.My name on YouTube is Matthew Picou if u wanna see some of the things I've made.I don't try over complicating anything I...
    Sep 30 2019 02:34 AM